MIT Gesundheit GmbH supports you from the start-up of a new company to the launch of a new product.

For more than 20 years we have been creating a preparation exchange and a brand exchange. In the preparation exchange we publish all preparations reported to us for sale. Our exchange is listed according to the status of the individual preparations (e.g. approvals, dossiers, etc.) and appears three to four times a year. In the Trademark Exchange, you will find all the trademarks we have reported for sale listed by product class.

As a pharmaceutical entrepreneur, it may make sense in certain constellations not to submit a marketing authorization application yourself, but to have a third party do it on your behalf. As a pharmaceutical distributor with a certified QM and pharmacovigilance system as well as qualified personnel for the tasks of the responsible persons according to the AMG, MIT has the necessary prerequisites to take over the function as applicant and marketing authorization holder.


Dienstleistungen im Bereich New Business Development