Readability tests are a mandatory part of every marketing authorization application. We have been performing such tests in accordance with the European Medicines Law since 2006 (EC, Revision 1, January 2009).

Our readability tests follow a specific procedure developed by us for German-language texts. Based on 50 linguistic criteria, each test goes through the following steps:

  • Adaptation of your leaflet to the current QRD guidelines
  • Optimization of the layout
  • Optimization of the language style by applying linguistic criteria for readability and comprehensibility
  • Development of a product-specific questionnaire
  • Recruitment of test persons (native speaker!)
  • Conducting individual interviews with 20 test persons
  • Evaluation and preparation of the test report (in English)
  • We have experience in readability testing for prescription and OTC preparations, natural products and homeopathics.

Depending on your needs, we also perform subject tests with native speakers in other languages such as English, French or Dutch.

We prepare the tests at fixed prices!