For more than 20 years, we have been compiling a preparation exchange in which we publish all preparations reported to us for sale. Our exchange is listed according to the status of the individual preparations (e.g. approvals, dossiers, etc.) and appears three to four times a year.

You need a product?
Please let us know which preparation you are looking for. We will make you an offer!

You would like to sell one or more preparations yourself?
We will be happy to include your preparations in our exchange free of charge if you tell us the active ingredients, dosage form, status and, if applicable, your asking price.

Your advantage:
Your offer reaches the right target group (pharmaceutical companies receive the preparation exchange) and is not associated with any costs for you.
For 20 years, the "Präparate-Börse" has been published as an offer sheet for the pharmaceutical industry; managing directors and new business development managers regularly use this medium to find new products and sell marketing authorizations that are no longer in use. The "Präparate-Börse" is published as an electronic version on the Internet; in addition, a printed version is sent to pharmaceutical companies.

The preparations exchange contains a variety of sales offers for prescription preparations and OTC products, for fictitious marketing authorizations and marketing authorization dossiers; homeopathics are also presented.

Publications in the preparations exchange are free of charge.