Marketing Services

MIT Gesundheit - Marketing Services

We support your marketing activities in various situations like the controlling of informative texts and advertising statements and mailings.

Our Marketing Services

You name the task for your preparation.
We work out a binding cost estimate for your individual marketing activities.

You have the idea.
We draft individual texts for mailings and advertisements.

You name the target group.
We organize personalized mailings.

Controlling of informative texts and advertising statements

When conducting marketing campaigns for drugs and medical devices, a good slogan or high-quality design language is no longer enough. Rather, it must be ensured that all statements comply with the German Medicines Act (AMG), the Medical Devices Act (MPG) or the German Drug Advertising Act (HWG). Many laws have to be considered when creating texts and many hurdles are waiting for you to reach your goal.

We offer you to check your texts for conformity with the existing legislation. In addition, we can provide the information officer § 74a for you in the pharmaceutical sector. This person is personally responsible that a company only leaves texts that conform to the law. This is a difficult balancing act, especially in the field of marketing, and requires a great deal of experience.

Your advantage: Our employees are continuously trained. So you can be sure that your texts always meet the requirements.


We can handle the entire mailing process to doctors, pharmacies, alternative practitioners, etc. for you, or take over partial aspects of a mailing or broadcast that you require.

A mailing process includes the following aspects:

  • Development of cover letter
  • Definition of the addressees
  • Checking the texts according to legal requirements
  • Printing of the mailing
  • Enveloping and mailing
  • Collecting the responders
  • Responding to bounces
  • Preparation of a detailed performance record
  • Calculation of response rates

MIT Gesundheit – Further Services

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